#StayHomeInstead​​ Chats Episode 44: On Reopening Safely: What does it look like to re-open our communities safely?
Today, Edgar and Rachael from The Montecito Santa Fe. The Montecito is a Senior Living community that offers independent, assisted and memory care services to their residents. Edgar is the Executive Director at Montecito and Rachael is Director of Community Relations. We’ve been working together in the community of Santa Fe for many years. I always enjoy every opportunity I have to spend time with these two. Listen in on our chat about what it looks like to reopen our local senior communities safely.

There's a place for you and your story at The Montecito

Every great adventure begins somewhere. And every great adventure has a story. Yours can begin at the Montecito Santa Fe.

One of the greatest things…is the fitness center– Jan Resident
Wonderful community and easy access to a larger community …– Herb and Joy Residents
You can tell yourself ‘I’m going to be happy– Pat Resident
One of the greatest things…is the fitness center– Edgar Ortiz Executive Director, Montecito Santa Fe